Fabulous Four


Guess who turned FOUR YEARS OLD this past weekend?


I can’t believe it’s been four years since we welcomed our crazy little nut into the world (two months early, but who’s counting?).  One thing I can say: it’s been an adventure.


At four years old, Peanut is still a tiny package with an oversized personality.  Some things just don’t change.  Other things that haven’t changed: she still loves PINK, sea lions, books, macaroni and cheese, and all things fancy.


New discoveries this year include Disney (current obsession is The Little Mermaid, but we’ve also been through jags including FrozenTinker Bell, and Sofia the First); mermaids in general; the Little House series (by virtue of the My First Little House picture books); and so much more.


Of course, I’d be remiss if I wrote an entire fourth birthday tribute to Peanut and didn’t mention Blackie.  Blackie is the newest addition to our family – Peanut’s sweet black and white dog.  Blackie loves to play tennis ball, is sooooooo soft, and periodically has puppies.  Blackie sometimes needs to be reprimanded for not listening, but she is getting better.

Blackie is invisible.  But don’t tell Peanut that.


Peanut at four is an amazing big sister.  While she has her moments, I’m constantly impressed by how patient and gentle she is with her baby brother.  He’s going through a particularly exuberant phase and his kisses are extremely toothy.  Peanut puts up with getting tackled, drooled on, kissed aggressively, and having her hair pulled, and rarely loses her cool.  Nugget, for his part, is madly in love with her.  No surprise there!  She’s the best.


Happy FOURTH birthday to the sweetest, coolest little girl in the world.  Mommy and Daddy love you like WHOA!

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