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Stocking up on tea from Mariage Freres in Paris, France

I’m a 30-year-old attorney, living in northern Virginia and fighting for the cause of justice in our nation’s capital by day, cooking and baking up a storm by night.  I started law school armed with a labor law treatise and my mom’s chicken piccata recipe and… that’s about it.  Very quickly, I discovered that I couldn’t eat chicken piccata every night, and I gradually drifted into cooking as a way to unwind and de-stress after a tough crim pro lecture, and also as a way to… well, shoot… not starve to death.  I aimed high from the beginning, churning out a week’s worth of Barefoot Contessa soup at a time from the kitchen in my shoebox… er, apartment… in Foggy Bottom.  And I quickly found that cooking relaxed me and my then-fiance, now-husband, kind of liked the results too.  In 2010, I went vegetarian for a year before settling comfortably into pescetarianism, and while I don’t rule out eating poultry again, I’m happy with the way things are.  I am a self-taught cook and still learning, so I hope to use this blog to chronicle my adventures as I make a huge mess out of my kitchen and myself, every chance I get.  When I’m not cooking, baking, or litigating, I love to watch hockey (Go Sabres!), hike and run, read, play the piano and cello, and travel the world with my best friend and dinner date, my sweet hubby of six years.

Contemplating curry chips on a park bench in Edinburgh, Scotland

Come back and visit me soon!

31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey!

    It’s Tiffany, the law student you met this summer during Course I of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes. Sorry it took so long for me to reach out… so, this is really embarrassing, but the reason it’s taken me so long is because I haven’t for the life of me been able to remember your name and nobody ever likes to admit that. But I’ve decided better to be mortified and in contact than totally (seemingly) aloof.

    Great blog, by the way! Did you end up taking Course II?

    – Tiffany

  2. You’re so right. Our temperatures at Lake Tahoe will rise again and I’m wondering why oh why am I rushing Mother Nature to fall forward…then the next thing will be me whining about shoveling the S word. Apples? Gotta admit a double crust apple pie is on my list of things to bake. But I’m going to put it on the back burner, so to speak. Love your shrimps…was craving ’em the other day. A nice sorbet for dessert, Yes?
    http://www.calorey.blogspot.com The Writing Gourmet

  3. Thank you for the exquisite SPROUT recipe, they were delicious-I never thought I’d say that about sprouts. Tastes very good with Turkey too.
    Blue skies

  4. Hi,
    Great recipes ,I am an Indian and liked your idea about chick n chick.If you ever need more Indian recipes do write to me.

  5. Just wondering if you are the Ann that just joined my blog? I have a new follower with your name but no contact info when I click on the name.

    Sorry if you are not and I apologize in advance. You have a lovely blog.


    • Hi Carol,

      No, I’m not the person you are thinking of – my name’s Jaclyn. But welcome to my blog, and I’m very glad you’ve found your way here and that you like it! Please feel free to come back anytime! 🙂

  6. Hey Jaclyn!
    I just started a blog myself so I decided to take a look at yours 🙂
    I cook a lot too at RIT and I was hoping that I could try out some of your recipes and maybe share some of my own (though they are really simple). I’m glad I checked out your blog 🙂

    • Hey Jocelyn! Glad you found me! I checked out your blog and it’s great – I can’t wait to see what you post next. Keep checking in here because I’m working on some great posts for the next couple of months. 🙂

  7. I have been trying to locate the nuritionals on your breadcrumbs. We are trying to source a breadcrumb for our company that will fit Whole foods strict requirements. (we sell our pasta sauces there). Do you sell to any companies other than whole foods?
    Thanks Chris

    • Hi Chris – sorry for the confusion, but I don’t actually manufacture Jaclyn’s bread crumbs. I just buy them at the store because my name is Jaclyn, I’m evidently seven years old, and I think it’s awesome that they have my name on them. Growing up I could never get a “Jaclyn” magnet or keychain because it’s an uncommon spelling. So when I saw the bread crumbs I sorta had to have them. But I don’t make them!

  8. Hi Jaclyn!
    I’ve finally taken a look at your blog (Jocelyn helped me). I look forward to trying some of your specialties and the photos look great!
    Love, Aunt Maria

    • Hi Aunt Maria – I’m so glad that you have found your way to my little corner of cyberspace! Come around anytime! 🙂

  9. Hey! I’ve been keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street movement while I was abroad, and I saw in the news that they occupied the Capital building. Since you work in DC, it made me think of you, and I was wondering what your opinion on the movement was.

  10. Hi Jaclyn!
    I heard that your Mom and Dad are going go be in Florence? Do they have an itinerary, or are they going to be free? Because I’d be more than happy to take them someplace for lunch or show them around the historic center a little 🙂 Do they have a phone number that I can reach them at? Please let me know and hopefully we’ll be able to meet up 🙂
    ~ Jocelyn 🙂
    PS. I heard there’s a new addition to the family, congrats!

  11. Hi,
    I found your blog while searching for 8k training plans/recaps (via your comment on Healthy Ashley’s blog about your favorite race). Do you plan on running and/or blogging about the Buffalo Turkey Trot this year?

    • Hi Katie, glad you found me! I am indeed planning to run the Buffalo Turkey Trot this year (in fact, I just got back from a training run with the jogging stroller), and yes, I will have a post about it. Most likely, it will be a recap of our family holiday, so there will be baby and food pics mixed in there with the race report. I’ll link to the post on my Buffalo tab for ease of reference.

      Since you found me through Healthy Ashley, a short history: I’ve been running consistently since 2010 but took a hiatus of about a year in 2012, due to a high risk pregnancy and then C-section recovery, and I’m just starting to get back into the racing scene. I expect I’ll have some more race reports popping up on this blog over the next year – I’m not a running blogger, as you can tell from my homepage, but this blog touches on many things that interest me or make me happy, and running is one of those things.

      You didn’t ask, but my plan for training for the 8K is, roughly, as follows: two runs with the jogging stroller each week (2-3 miles each), and one longer run alone (increasing long run mileage from 3 to 5 miles over the six weeks preceding the race); one day of Stroller Strides; one day of either cardio kick-boxing or yoga; one day of strength training; one rest day per week. Lather, rinse, repeat. 🙂

      • Nice! I love that you have a Buffalo tab. My husband and I plan to run the Turkey Trot, too. I just started running last year and now I love it. There are a lot of nice places to run in Buffalo. What are Stroller Strides? I don’t have a need for a stroller (we only have a dog for now) but I’m just curious.

      • I’d be glad to meet up and run sometime! I’m pretty slow – short legs, heh – and even slower with the stroller, but I have fun.

        Stroller Strides is a national fitness program for moms. The WNY group meets up in Amherst. They have classes almost every day, but I’m trying to get into a rhythm of going once a week. Basically, it’s either power-walking or jogging with your stroller, broken up with different sets of boot camp moves. (Today we did bicep curls, overhead presses, pushups, crunches, tricep dips and hill runs, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some moves.) It’s a nice low-pressure workout that you can adapt for any level of fitness, from freshly postpartum to toddler mom and beyond. The best part for me is meeting other moms while getting in a sweat session (the instructor worked us HARD today!) and it’s nice because everyone understands if you need to drop behind to soothe a fussy baby, change a diaper, whatever. They also have a class called Toddlesize, which sounds really fun, but my kid isn’t quite toddling yet (she’s almost there, though – 13 months old). They also have other benefits – Stroller Strides moms are part of a private meetup group that arranges moms’ nights out, playdates, family days at the park and other kid-friendly outings. I’ve been wanting to get involved for awhile because it’s such a great way to work fitness into a busy mom schedule. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • I would definitely be interested in meeting up to run! I really hope to take advantage of the weather now before heading back to the treadmill for winter. Maybe we can make some plans through e-mail- my schedule is rather flexible.

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